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February 28, 2007

When I'm out traveling I seem find some rather interesting signs.




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February 22, 2007

Road to the BWCA, aboot ten miles from Canada. (Eh?)




February 18, 2007

This was actually shot a few years ago, but I thought it was a fitting start to the Photograffiti series here on Brett Kosmider dot com. Nature tantalizing me on the window - at forty stories up. "Come out and play" says the pitter patter on the glass...



February 2007

OK, so rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! Au contraire, I’ve actually been very busy on what started to be a side project with my wife and, well, as you can see I’d have to say this is our greatest collaborative work together…

So, I’ve been reading up on Alec Soth’s blog about how to be a good parent and pursue my art – I know it will be a challenge but without a doubt a rewarding and fulfilling journey. I hope Elizabeth can tolerate Daddy’s hours of silent toiling on the rocks and in the woods with his camera. I already know my wife deserves a medal.

A few New Year’s resolutions (and with a newborn, this will be interesting, so don’t hold me to these - family is coming first):

1. Shoot more
2. Blog more

In the next few months I’m considering offering a few new products as well as expanding the portfolio. With a newborn and a day job, retouching and printing photos takes on a much lower priority. I have another half-dozen selects that need to go into the portfolio. The work is piling up and right now it’s just a matter of finding the time.

If I can get everything together I’ll soon start a new feature of the blog called Photograffiti. I won't even pretend to have come up with that word, but it seems to fit. It’ll be more like a (semi) daily photo journal. I don’t consider myself a street photographer or even comfortable (yet) with urban scenes in my fine art work, but my current reality is that right now I live in a rather large city and Photograffiti will address those aspects of my life. Even in the city there can be beautiful light. Sometimes.

Thanks for staying tuned – more great works to come.


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