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June 5, 2007

File this in the freaky-strange files.

Undoubtedly, whenever I go out, I usually find something just a little odd. This time it was this solitary bloated tennis shoe in a ravine near the Superior shore in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. Kind of strange to find just one shoe, don't you think? I mean, where's the other one? Is someone missing their left shoe right now? Questions...

Needless to say I didn't even touch it, it was very X-Files. It looked like mice were making their home in it.



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May 25, 2007

Middle River, Wisconsin

Leaving tonight to shoot up on the South Shore of Lake Superior, hoping to dodge some crowds if I'm lucky. This week marks the beginning of a new direction for me in my photography. I hope to share the results soon.




May 3, 2007

I promised myself that this blog wouldn't become a place to regurgitate technology profiles or computer darkroom this-and-that, but focus more on my experiences in creating my photographs and the philosophy of photography as art. Well, here's the first ever tech-related post, but with good cause!

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has released a statement touting the computer maker's efforts to eliminate toxins from it's products. I've used Apple Macintosh computers since "day one" which was a Mac Classic circa 1994. I try not to be a Mac-snob but they sure are nice computers to work on, and the added bonus of being somewhat greener than most other variety of PC make me feel a little better about it too.




April 25, 2007

OK, So I let the whole build-up-to-Earth-Day thing slip through my fingers - the art of promotions is clearly not my bag. Besides, I'd like to take a queue from Earth Day organizers and make Earth Day everyday. So here's the continuation of my tribute to Earth Day.

A few years ago I was hired as a videographer for the Twin Cities Public Television documentary series, Minnesota: A History of the Land. It was a real adventure; on the road from International Falls all the way to the Mississippi River and everything inbetween. I really had a chance to see Minnesota. A few assignments along the way included shooting stories about Sigurd Olson, author and wilderness advocate, and Ernest Oberholtzer, a charter member of the Wilderness Society. Those were some amazing experiences as I was able to set foot in their very abodes. In Ely, Minnesota I was filming the interior of Sig's writing shack, and left to my own I had within arm's reach his last typed page, still in the typewriter. I filmed at Listening Point, and at Ober's island retreat, Mallard Island, on Rainy Lake. All of those experiences imprinted upon me that wild places are worth saving and making sacrafices in order to do so. Below are a few pics of Ober's place on Mallard Island. Dust still on the books as he left them.

In 2003 my college roommate and I lived on opposite sides of the county and at that time we made a pact to get together every other year or so and retreat to the wilds. That year we removed ourselves from civilization for a week in the Trinity Alps Wilderness in California. It was epic! The Sierras without the tourists.

Last but not least, Henry David Thoreau's Great Beach, Cape Cod. Though I have to admit I liked The Maine Woods more than Cape Cod, in the literary sense, but my soul connects wholly with the Cape.



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