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February 28, 2008

I heart ribs.



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January 2, 2008

Happy New Year to all! What strikes me about this photo is the level of the lake...

Compare to this image made three years ago, the rocks in the left foreground of the picture above are the foreground subject of the linked photo. Also note the new reefs on the horizon...

News? Well, we're spending a lot of time in DC, but mostly helping at the new Moore place in EB - some time for photography, but for the most part just taking photos but nothing to share, yet.

And another reaping from the archives, taken sometime this fall in Minnesota...





November 26, 2007

Over Thanksgiving I returned 'home' to Milwaukee to visit family. We had a great time though Thanksgiving takes on a whole different meaning when you're busy chasing an 11-month old around the room! I didn't get stuffed full of turkey as is normal and I didn't even get to go back for seconds - too busy facilitating a hungry baby. Oh well, I feel better for it now, no guilt.

We took a side trip on Friday and took in the Photographs from the End of the Earth exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum. It's a collection of contemporary and historical photos of the arctic regions, curated by Lisa Hostetler, MAM's associate curator of photographs.

I must say, on first impression I was quite dissapointed in the overall floorspace dedicated to the show - it seemed quite small, jammed in a corner on the fourth floor mezzanine. Furthermore, I was under the impression there would be more contemporary pieces in the exhibition when there was clearly a 30/70 split between contemporary and historical photographs. Because of this the lighting was abysmal, probably due to archival reasons, and I was shocked to see people wandering around with magnifying glasses inspecting the photographs. Later, I deduced the Inspector Gadget garb was to actually see the dozen or so postage-stamp-sized photographs on display. Again, I realize the historic importance of some of these photographs but I was very dissapointed. Nonetheless I was impressed with Subhankar Banerjee's single representation in a very large and impressive print of migrating caribou, and also with Stuart Klipper's panoramics.

Even though I left feeling a bit cold (haha) after leaving the Arctic photography exhibit, my daughter enjoyed crawling around Windhover Hall and in general squeeling and singing with glee. That was worth it.




October 28, 2007

I still shoot film, but not so much the Kodak flavors anymore. I wonder if they shot this on film or digital.

EDIT: So it looks like YouTube disabled the embedding on this clip. Here's the link.




October 22, 2007

If anyone lost their left size 12 Mossimo® sandal, let me know, I think I could help you out. In fact, if you can name this location, its all yours.

Actually, I'm just kidding, as with all mysterious footwear that I find in the wilds (without the owner) I choose not to touch the actual relic, so if you can name the location, chances are its still there, so go and pick it up yourself.

And what is it with left feet being compromised in the Great Lakes? A mystery is unfolding...




September 26, 2007

There’s been a lot of soul searching on my part to find “my place” in the art world, specifically, the fine art photography world. It’s frustrating to try and articulate one’s own style in a way that will fit into Academia’s historical view of art. Even more annoying is the practice of others trying to divine some sort of meaning out of your photographs and then put you into a certain style, period, school or camp of photographers based on their perceived meaning (or lack thereof) of your work; a rather convenient way of dumbing-down, in my opinion.

The consensus has been that my photography follows the trend of the “neo-modernist”, but I’m having difficulty embracing that moniker. Some day I may do something different, and then what? A recent post on Mark Hobson’s blog confirmed for me that enough is enough. Enough wasting time in anguish trying to decide where I’ll fit, just go out and shoot and make your mark – enough talk, show me what you’re made of. In the words of Neil Peart “Show, don’t tell.” In the words of my father, “talk is cheap.” Some people spend a lot of time talking about art but don’t produce squat.

I am an artist, I make art. I am not a curator, nor critic. I’m not an agent, dealer, gallery owner, or consultant – I just make the art, I’ll let the others figure out where I land. If I decide to cast off my neo-modernist tendencies and dabble in post modernism for a project or two, so be it. Its not absurd for one person to see the world in many different ways. Its not a huge leap to appreciate beauty in one project and construct a social commentary in another.

If that is confusing for the art collector, so be it – they should enjoy the challenge of trying to understand my mark on the art world. And if I defy Academia’s attempts at corralling me with their categories I shan’t loose any sleep. I am the artist.



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